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Received from happy clients during 2020 and 2021

Katie Hogan 

Stronger with Siobhan does exactly what it says on the tin! Siobhan is friendly, encouraging , professional and her classes are energetic and fun with lots of variety thrown in! I can see improvements in my strength and mobility with every class

Joanna McCarthy

Its making such a difference to my mental strength and since I joined your classes I love my body again! My belly was the worst part and I thought I would never be able to flatten it, I was covering it with clothes. Now I am so proud of my body and that is thanks to Siobhan  

Una Shannahan

It's clear that you enjoy what you do, and that enthusiasm is infectious, the group spirit and the gorgeous setting of the Dock beach makes the workout fly by. The sessions are tough, but good fun too!  

Carra Morris

I was pushing my little girl on the zipline in Ballinspittle today when the poor child nearly ended up in the field next door! I don't know my own strength! This has never happened before! Best of all, I can now fit into my favourite pair of jeans again!

Connie Browne

 I've been training with Siobhan for 6 months, both in person and on line, her bootcamp classes are constantly varied and a great all round workout combining strength, cardio and mobility. Siobhan gives clear instruction and adapts workouts to accommodate different fitness levels and injuries. Her passion for fitness is contagious and motivates us all to push ourselves outside our comfort zone. I love exercising in the fresh air at the Dock beach with a fabulous group of ladies and can honestly say I feel fantastic both physically and mentally after a session and even more so on the days we follow it up with a dip in the sea.

Sarah Tubrity

I especially noticed the difference when I changed to two classes a week. When I picked up my little girl from playschool, her tights were down around her thighs, so she asked me to pull them up. when I did the child was  lifted so high that she was flung upside down and I had to lift her higher so she wouldn't bash her face. Ive got to be careful with my new SuperPowers!"

My blood type is 'B' Positive!
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